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Why You Should Dump VSCode, Move To NeoVim, And Why You Shouldn't

A journey to becoming a NeoVim cultist and how to avoid it.

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Ngọc Nguyễn Duy Minh
·Apr 10, 2022·

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Why You Should Dump VSCode, Move To NeoVim, And Why You Shouldn't

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I recently went down to the Vim rabbit hole to find out how my fellow developer friends can't get out of it.

I am afraid, but the more I want to know, the more I need to get down there.

I prepared my brave and the consciousness to just explore and get out of it.

After installing Neovim, as my friends... I sank into the ocean.

And for the lord NeoVim, I wrote this post. 😈

Note: In this post, I use the words Vim and NeoVim with the same meaning as an editor. But to clarify, NeoVim is a child of Vim.

The reasons you should dump VSCode and move to NeoVim

Hands are on the keyboard. Always

As the developer, your job involves a lot of typing.

  • Type the tasks to work on.
  • Type your thought as a comment.
  • Type the solution in the form of a programming language.
  • Type to trick your boss and your colleagues you are busy.

Moving your hands from your keyboard to reach the mouse could be annoying sometimes and decrease your productivity.

Vim is built with the idea not to use your mouse. You can work more efficiently and become more productive.

Also, you can save some money by not buying a mouse.

Faster typing

Your hands are always on the keyboard while using NeoVim.

Can you do anything without typing?

No, you can't.

Typing is the only way you can use NeoVim. This could be the method to improve your typing speed.

But it is not the case.

NeoVim has a system of commands and motions to make your editing at the speed of light.

Want to delete this line and 4 lines below? d4j and you have removed them from your life.

Want to change everything inside this {}? ci{ will remove all the content and place the pretty cursor inside that parentheses.

Want to get to the , of the line? Let your eyes rest and use f, instead.

Those are just some of the surface of the iceberg. Want that powerful editor? Let's go to the Vim side.

Light as a feather

Oh no. My VSCode takes almost 1500MB RAM.

Pss. My NeoVim running in the Terminal takes only 500MB RAM for that project.

NeoVim is lighter than VSCode

I don't even know how to optimize NeoVim. And that is 3 times lighter than the VS Code to run.

It is much better than VS Code. Install Neovim now 😈

Why you should not move to NeoVim?

😇Hello there. Hopefully, you didn't make the decision too soon.

You don't need that NeoVim in your life.

It does not make you cooler

Using an editor that your colleagues cannot use doesn't make you any cooler.

Looking at them having trouble seems fun, but still does not make you look smarter.

If you want to use NeoVim to flex with other people or try to look smarter in your crush's eyes, it might not work that way.

Use Vim because of its efficiency

Changing your habits is not easy

If you are using an editor like VSCode without Vim key bindings, you have to relearn everything to use NeoVim.

  • You can't use your mouse.
  • You can't just type as usual but have to use commands and motions
  • Navigation, find and replace are not working the same way as your current editor
  • Even copy and paste works in a different way

The steeve learning curve combined with the lack of time is the reason most people quit using Vim.

Everything must be manual

In VS Code, if you like the theme, click install. If you need an extension, click install.

Though NeoVim is highly customizable, it is not easy to do so. If you like to use a theme, or need an extension, here is the process:

  1. Go to Google or VimAwesome to find the plugins you need
  2. Copy and paste the plugins you want to install into the NeoVim config file.
  3. Run the Plugin Manager like vim-plug to install the plugins
  4. Manually type the configuration for the plugins to serve your needs

It is not as easy as VSCode, but it is not hard to do if you want.


NeoVim and VSCode are text editors. They are not 😈 or 😇. None of them is superior to the other. Both have their pros and cons.

Don't make the change because people tell you to do so. Choose the editor you love, and stick with it. The best code editor is the one that suits you the most. Name your beloved one in the comment to share your heartbeat.

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